Food Pantry

Open Thursdays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Mel Trotter’s guest choice food pantry provides families with a variety of nutritious items to choose from to prepare their everyday meals. Guests are welcome to visit the Williams Street location once a month. Please enter through our day center to access the food pantry. 

First time guests: please bring an ID for everyone in the household and a recent piece of mail with current address. Please bring coins for the parking meters (available on the streets surrounding Mel Trotter).

The last day of the food pantry will be Thursday, December 14, 2017.

Mel Trotter Ministries will continue to support other pantries in the area with donated food as a food distribution resource.


If I can’t get food from Mel Trotter, where else can I get it?

There are other pantries in the area that provide the same resources that MTM did. Some of the nearby pantries include SECOM, The Other Way, and Westminster. You can check the pantry nearest to you by calling 2-1-1 or going online HERE. Local markets and some grocery stores offer double up food bucks making it even easier to produce with you EBT funds.

SECOM: 616-452-7684
The Other Way: 616-454-4011 ext. 5330
Westminster: 616-456-6115 Main

Mel Trotter had a lot of good fresh produce and other foods that I wasn’t able to get other places, where can I get those items now?

Those items will be available at other food pantries now. Mel Trotter will continue to get donations of fresh produce which we utilize for meals for our guests staying at the Mission and we will be sharing those resources with other agencies. We will now be able to expand our reach and get the fresh produce and other food to more people in need.

Why did Mel Trotter close the pantry?

Mel Trotter is closing the food pantry in an effort to reduce the duplication of services in the Heartside area. There are other pantries in the area that are offering the same services. We have access to a lot of wonderful food here at MTM and now we will be able to share that resource with the other pantries in the area. We do not want to try to compete with other agencies, but we would rather work with them to make sure that our resources have the largest reach possible. We will now be able to share the food and donation that we receive with other agencies in the area and make sure that everyone has better access to healthier food options.

Will Mel Trotter still have a food drive even without a pantry?

Yes. We will still continue our food drive this fall. We have partnered with Feeding America West Michigan as well as with other agencies to make sure that all of the food donated to us still gets to people who are struggling with food insecurity in the greater Grand Rapids area. Food donations that come through MTM will now help more people. We are helping provide other pantries with food that they did not have access to before. We are not only helping people in the city of Grand Rapids, but we are now reaching other areas including some of the rural areas that did not have access to this food before.

Where will my donated food go now that Mel Trotter doesn’t have a pantry?

The food that you donate will now reach even more people than it did before. We are partnering with Feeding America and other local pantries to make sure that your food still gets to the people who need it the most. MTM will distribute donated food to area pantries in need, including rural locations who don’t get as much support as downtown locations.

Can I still get food from Mel Trotter even though there is not a pantry?

We do still offer a community meal every night at 5:00 pm. There is a small fee for the provided meal.

Who can I contact to find a new pantry that is close to me?

The best resource for locating a pantry near you is 211. You can dial 2-1-1 or go to to find more information.

What will happen to the space where the pantry was once located?

The building where the pantry is located was sold to Western Michigan University. They will take possession of the building in early 2018.

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