Legacy Giving Archive

Leveraging Your Past to Impact the Future February 2016 - "Is God touching your heart to 'adopt' a ministry through "divine agency?"

3 Life Changes that Will Impact Eternity December 2015/January 2016 - What do Apple computers and your Estate Plan have in common? 

5 Steps to an Uncluttered Soul November 2015 - "What would your schedule look like if God were in charge of it?"

How to Live a Life of Significance September/October 2015 - "Many people want to accomplish something 'significant' with their lives, but feel that only big things count."

Making Choices that Make a Difference August 2015 - "Life is full of choices, and the ones we make today directly affect the larger story of our lives..."

Inspire Your Loved Ones to Make a Difference June/July 2015 - "Have you ever experienced a 'communication gap' with those of a younger generation?"

5 Blessings from Tapping Your "Acorn" Potential May 2015 - "Think for a moment about what happens after an acorn is planted in the ground..."

The Ultimate Way to Love Your Family March/April 2015 - "Do you love your family enough to potentially save them thousands of dollars and countless hours of work?"

How to Change the "Face" of Your Family February 2015 - "Did you know you can change the 'face' of your family by 'adopting' a ministry you care about, like Mel Trotter Ministries?"

Give Your Family a Rock-Solid Guarantee December 2014/ January 2015 - "Did you know that two-thirds of Americans do not have an up-to-date Will?"

Live Well in Two Simple Steps November 2014 - "How can you be the best manager possible?"

5 Secrets to a Flourishing Life September/October 2014 - "What does it mean to be rich towards God?"

Your One-Way Ticket to Blessing August 2014 - "How could a charitable Gift Annuity benefit you and your spouse?"

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