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Our staff and our volunteers work daily to answer God's call to care for one another and to carry each other's burdens. They feed the hungry, lift the fallen, restore the broken, and heal the hurting. Our mission is compassion demonstrated, and all of our programs exist to that end.

Food Pantry
Mel Trotter’s guest choice food pantry provides families with a variety of nutritious items to choose from to prepare their everyday meals. Guests are welcome to visit the Williams Street location once a month. Please enter through our day center to access the food pantry.
First time guests: please bring an ID for everyone in the household and a recent piece of mail with current address. Please bring coins for the parking meters (available on the streets surrounding Mel Trotter).
Information on Food Pantry

Day Center
Mel Trotter Ministries provides a day center for the homeless and the resources they need to find homes, jobs and hope. In addition to providing shelter from the elements, Mel Trotter Ministries works with community agencies to offer hope for a renewed life. Entrance is located on Williams Street.
Information on Day Center

Shelter for Public Inebriates
Open 365 days a year
Men and women who are profoundly intoxicated are welcomed to MTM’s Shelter for Public Inebriate (PI) Shelter Program. Guests are given a sobering, safe place to sleep which includes close observation by licensed medical personnel. During the inebriate’s stay, he or she is offered a sack lunch, a shower, clean clothing, and personal care items. Staff members also provide encouragement and advocacy for internal and/or other community resources to meet their multifaceted needs. Most importantly, the staff are ready to provide a listening ear in addition to offering the hope that is found in Jesus Christ.
Information on Shelter for Public Inebriates

Clinics: Dental, Vision, Chiropractic, Legal
Open to MTM guests and public by appointment 
Mel Trotter Ministries offers clinical services which are open to the community, free of charge to our guests (some exceptions). Our hope through the clinics is to provide quality, compassionate care for our patients. With the help of professional volunteers, and MTM staff members, our clinical services include dental, chiropractic, vision and also legal advice.
Information on Clinics

Evening Meals
Women’s Community Meal

Women and women with children are invited to eat from 5:15 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. every night in the North Dining Room. On Commerce Avenue, enter the door with the ramp leading up to it.

Men’s Community Meal

Men are invited to eat from 5:15 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. every night in the South Dining Room. The entrance is on Williams Street.

Information on Evening Meals

Emergency Shelter
Some individuals and families need shelter from the elements for a short time before moving into more permanent housing. Our emergency shelter fills this need and offers warm food and a safe environment to guests.
Women & Children's Emergency Shelter | Men's Emergency Shelter 

Women & Children's Shelter

Information on Women & Children's Shelter

Men's Shelter

Information on Men's Shelter

Youth Emergency Shelter (Y.E.S.)
Youth males, ages 18-24, can access a private shelter space at Mel Trotter. The space holds 8 beds and offers evening and morning meals, sleeping wear, private sleeping and bathroom space and common area.
Information on Y.E.S.

Youth House Program
The Youth House is a non-time limited supportive housing unit for young men, ages 18-24 who are experiencing homelessness. This program fosters a supportive, community environment for youn men to build the foundation for interdependent living.
Information on MTM Youth House

Job Readiness Program
The Job Readiness Program is an innovative program that combines soft job skills, experience, mentoring, discipleship, and teaching in a structured and grace-filled community. Participants are consulted with upon arrival and then work with an advocate to develop a Personal Action Plan with an individualized focus on each guest’s unique needs for lasting change and meaningful progress.
Information on Job Readiness

Housing Readiness
Some members of the homeless community already have jobs or an income, but lack suitable housing arrangements. Our Housing Readiness Program helps these individuals who are working or attending school to find adequate housing by collaborating with local agencies who specialize in housing for the homeless.
Information on Housing Readiness

Pathway Home Program
Mel Trotter’s Pathway Home program is a collaboration with Family Promise, which allows for single women with children, intact families, and single men with children to have shelter, hot meals, and advocacy while trying to locate permanent housing. The goal of this program is to get families into housing and out of the shelter as quickly as possible.
Information on Pathway Home.

Step-Up Recovery Program
The recovery program is designed for men and women whose primary barrier to permanent housing and employment is substance abuse. This program is a minimum 90-day program with intensive case management and recovery. The goal of this program is to provide the tools needed for success in maintaining sobriety and moving toward finding employment and housing
Information on Step-Up Recovery Program

Pilgrimage Program
The Pilgrimage Program is for chronically homeless male guests that have physical or medical limitations, and are currently receiving SSI or SSD. Advocates work with guests in obtaining a payee, locating housing resources, and finding aid for their specific needs. Guests participate in chores, classes, weekly meetings and other activities that build community within the mission.
Information on Pilgrimage Program.

Thrift Stores
Shopping at and donating to our thrift stores directly impacts our Grand Rapids neighbors in their time of crisis. Two stores, one mission: end homelessness.
Information on Thrift Stores.

For further information on our Programs and Services, please contact:

Men's Intake Coordinator at 616-588-8756 
Women's Intake Coordinator at 616-588-8749
Women's Step Up Recovery Program at 616-588-8774
Family Intake Coordinator at 616-588-8791
Youth Services Coordinator at 616-588-8751 

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