Success Stories

A mother of four, finds housing & employment while at MTM 

Monica's Story: Mel Trotter Ministries

Pregnant, unemployed and already caring for three children, Monica was grateful to be able to count on her mother for a place to live. Then her mother suddenly announced that she was going back to her native Puerto Rico...Read More >

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Lost his job as programmer analyst, but never lost his faith

James Story: Mel Trotter Ministries

“I always depended on God. I never questioned Him.” Even after he lost a high paying job as a programmer analyst due to a neck injury, and went through a devastating divorce, James’ faith was unwavering...Read More >

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Fleeing a dangerous neighborhood, left them searching for housing

Mel Trotter Ministries - Lisa & Keith

“Our neighborhood in Kalamazoo was becoming more and more dangerous,” said Keith. “There were altercations in our front yard over drugs. There were guns. There were shootings. There were threats...Read More >

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Lee shares his new beginning

Mel Trotter Ministries - Lee

My name is Lee and I’m writing to tell you how you’ve changed my life. I’m 51 years old and before I came to Mel Trotter, I had been an alcoholic since I was 12...Read More >

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From death to life in Christ

Not every guest at Mel Trotter Ministries has experienced the kind of wakeup call that Billie Jo did. “My death certificate was actually signed,” she said...Read More >

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How Frank found stability again

"Every day I pray and ask God for help and He grants me that help. I get it from people at the Mission who come to me and smile and shake my hand,” Frank said. “I can tell God’s presence is around me. If I had that feeling to give to every guy who walked in the door, I would say, ‘Here, man, take this because I want you to feel like I’m feeling!...Read More >

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Tecca takes a walk of faith


"I think pride for me, all my life, has been my biggest enemy. Now I can stare it in the eye and say, ‘Hey, homelessness has no prejudice. It can happen to anyone.’ I’m just happy that Mel Trotter Ministries was here for me, to help me transition back into being a healthy individual...Read More >

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From guest to Mel Trotter Ministries Staff Member

When Dennis was in junior high, he began doing a variety of drugs. Over the next 15 to 20 years crack cocaine took over his life. After coming to Mel Trotter several times, he finally changed his life and is serving the Lord while working at Mel Trotter as a full-time staff member...Read More >

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Former guest now works as Pantry Assistant at Mel Trotter Ministries

When Stephen came to Mel Trotter Ministries, he was battling alcoholism and urgently needed help. Today, as our pantry assistant and "Jack of all trades," Stephen serves others and is indispensable. How did you help turn his life around?...Read More >

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Kids in need enjoying summer at Mel Trotter Ministries


How Jack relies on God to become sober

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