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Immeasurably More

We are proud to report that we have raised $17.2 million for our Immeasurably More Campaign!

We have exceeded our initial goal by nearly double and our revised goal by about $2 million! This is critical because, as you know, supply chain issues related to COVID and inflationary pressures have raised our construction costs to, you guessed it, $17 million!

“I am so grateful for Mel Trotter. When I stayed with you all, I connected with God and the staff helped me get back on my feet. Now I have a house of my own and a job in a church that I love. I get to give back, just like folks did for me during my hard times,” said a former guest of Mel Trotter.

When we hear transformational stories like these, it confirms once again that this campaign, and what lies ahead, is not only about bricks and mortar. Rather, it is about life change just as our mission and vision statement says: Through the power of Christ bring an end to homelessness one life at a time.

On behalf of your guests, staff and board we thank you for coming along side us on this Immeasurably More Campaign journey.

Dennis Van Kampen, President/CEO, Mel Trotter Ministries

Tim Swiney, Chief Campaign Officer, Mel Trotter Ministries

Let Us Help!

If you have any questions about Immeasurably More or future campaigns reach out to contact:

Tim Swiney

Chief Campaign Officer


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