"My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest." - Isaiah 32:18

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing provides an opportunity for guests to continue to receive case management while working towards meeting identified necessary goals including: money management skills, development of community support systems, and domestic life skills. MTM’s case managers walk alongside guests to help them achieve these self-identified goals while they are living in a home. The guests pay an affordable transitional housing fee as they work on sustainable budgeting, paying off debt, and developing a savings.

The MTM homes are located throughout various communities along on a bus line, and feature a full kitchen, private bedrooms, and a washer and dryer. Utilities, maintenance and lawn care are included.

House features:

• A furnished house on the bus line
• Full kitchen
• Private bedrooms
• Washer & dryer
• Utilities are included
• Maintenance and lawn care
• Parking

Services we provide:

• Comprehensive case management
• Offer of spiritual support, church connections and devotions at Mel Trotter Ministries
• Access to clinics, computer lab, cafeteria and other MTM services

You provide:

• A monthly payment with legal income (SSI/Employment)
• Willingness to work on a plan toward permanent housing
• Willingness to be connected to community supports

Interested in more information about transitional housing? Please contact us at 616-454-8249 or 

I needed a time and a place to heal. – Meagan V.

Housing First

No one should stay in a shelter a day longer than they need to. Our goal at MTM is to meet you exactly where they are, identify your barriers to safe, affordable housing and help you move forward in a way that works for you. 

There is no one way that someone ends up homeless and not one way to get out of it. If housing first is what works best for you/your family, we will walk alongside you through that process. If you need a time and a place to heal from addiction, abuse, chronic homelessness, physical or mental disabilities, we will walk with you until you're ready to take your next step out of homelessness.

For more information about housing first options, please contact us at 616-454-8249 or email .


Intensive Case Management is put in place for guests moving into the MTM Housing Program and is designed to assist the guests in building upon the skills necessary to obtain permanent housing, make connections in their neighborhood and community, maintain sobriety if needed, and creates a safety net, so they don't return to homelessness.