Guest Safety Services

This position is responsible for welcoming and showing hospitality to our guests, along with ensuring the building is safe and secure.  Included is making a positive first impression, demonstrating excellent customer service, maintaining a calm atmosphere, and setting an example of the culture of MTM.  This position also contains some administrative duties. 

Job Duties

  • Ensure and maintain a peaceful and safe environment by being present where guests are at, making rounds, perimeter checks, monitoring the security cameras, monitoring the radio traffic, and searching guests upon entry.   
  • Monitor guest behavior to ensure MTM policies and procedures are adhered to and the environment is safe and secure.  Use non-aggressive, non-physical actions to address issues.  Engage law enforcement or medical personnel as needed.
  • Manage the Bag Room, Tote Room, Scrub Room for assistance and storage of guest belongings.
  • Interact positively with others, answer questions, provide information about MTM, escort visitors, and present a positive image of MTM.
  • Assist nurses with requests for aid in Public Inebriate and/or Recuperation areas
  • Perform administrative duties using designated computer software systems, or other method to ensure guest and shift paperwork is completed timely and accurately. 
  • Promptly communicate guest issues or concerns with advocates and leadership
  • Direct and guide interns and volunteers (including community service workers), ensuring they are adhering to position requirements and MTM policies and practices. 
  • Assist in the monitoring and reporting of building cleanliness and sanitation issues, and help with cleaning duties as needed (in particular staff storage and office areas)
  • Help guests manage their schedule and activities while they are in the mission.  This includes responding to requests, offering assistance, handling mail duties, and ensuring basic needs are met. 

Core Competencies

  • Attendance/Punctuality- reliable and dependable
  • Communication- prompt, courteous, respectful, helpful, appropriate, correct
  • Initiative- takes appropriate action without being asked
  • Attitude- positive and supportive of the work and organization
  • Team Participation- supports and helps others
  • Accountability- demonstrates responsibility
  • Cooperation- willing to hear the thoughts of others and work toward a common goal
  • Integrity/Credibility- honest and adheres to moral and ethical principles; trustworthy
  • Compassion- concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Certification in CPR and First Aid
  • Proficient in Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel   
  • Prefer experience in residential care, counseling, or crisis intervention

Working Conditions

  • Regular standing, walking, climbing, crouching, bending, pushing, or pulling
  • Understand, speak, read, and write fluent English
  • Required to talk or hear
  • Able to lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Able to use fine motor hand functions
  • Frequently exposed to varying temperatures from below 32 degrees to above 80 degrees

To apply:

*Applications and resumes are accepted for current positions only.

  • Print the application and complete it
  • E-mail, fax, or mail completed application (along with a cover letter and resume, if appropriate) to: 

Employment Opportunity
Mel Trotter Ministries
225 Commerce Ave. SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503 

Phone: 616-454-8249
Fax: 616-454-5255