Facilities Internship

Who is Mel Trotter Ministries?

We are innovative, empathetic and compassionate difference-makers. We dream and dare more for MTM because all of God’s people deserve more. We walk alongside people as they transform their lives. Do you share our innovative and driven love of people, and do you want to make a difference? Join our team! Together and through the power of Christ, we can do immeasurably more to solve homelessness in our community.

You belong here if:

You are called to make an impact in greater Grand Rapids.
You are called to help men, women and children overcome homelessness.
You see value and potential in every human being no matter how broken they are.
You rejoice in seeing lives transformed forever.
You are called to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus to everyone.

Facilities Internship

The MTM facilities team exists to provide an environment for our guests and staff that reflects our “why” Everyone is made in the image of God and is created to do good works. MTM facilities team honors this by providing a dignified and safe place for all of God’s created people to find shelter, safety, a dignified place to work, heal, and recover.

You will learn and get the opportunity to:

(Intern Responsibilities)

Goals and Objectives

  • Deal effectively with multifaceted and diverse problems that pertain to the maintenance and operations of educational facilities
  • Deal with challenges and problems of new technologies in building construction, materials, and equipment
  • Formulate strategies to effectively and efficiently deal with changing State and Federal environmental regulations
  • Handle day-to-day maintenance and operations tasks common to all maintenance and operations directors, coordinators, and supervisors
  • Provide insights into the legal, technical, and environmental requirements that affect the funding and service required for maintenance and operations at educational facilities


  • Provide employee training opportunities for each group in the disciplines of health and safety, operation, emergency conditions and system upgrades
  • Coordinate work between seasonal timing, employees work load, MTM functions and outside contractors to operate in a cohesive manner
  • Verify the quality and quantity of work accomplished by outside contractors during the time they are on site
  • Coordinate between renovation and maintenance to schedule reoccupying spaces by faculty and staff once complete and tested
  • Verify that equipment and/or materials are of high quality and that work done meets requirements
  • Identify and justify long-term deferred maintenance projects required to prevent major equipment failure
  • Provide assistance to Facilities Planner to maintain accurate and up to date Auto-CAD drawings for all buildings
  • Provide assistance to Director of Facilities to prepare budget proposals for Capital Improvement Projects

Bring your strengths:

(Intern Requirements)

  • High School Diploma or equivalent and currently enrolled in a college/university/school pursuing a Certification/Associate's/Bachelor's degree in the area of facilities management or comparable. You may also be a recent graduate from a likewise field or program.

Working Conditions

  • Regular standing, walking, climbing, crouching, bending, pushing, or pulling
  • Understand, speak, read, and write fluent English
  • Ability to communicate verbally and to accurately hear
  • Able to lift up to 50 pounds occasionally, and up to 35 pounds regularly
  • Able to use fine motor hand functions
  • Frequently exposed to varying temperatures from below 32 degrees to above 80 degrees

*Applications and resumes are accepted for current positions only.

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