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Signing Bonuses! 

$1,000 for full time positions, $500 for part time positions hired onto our Intake or Facilities Staff

Payouts will occur in 3-month increments following a positive 90-day review

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Mel Trotter offers a competitive benefits package consisting of many unique benefits not found elsewhere, along with the traditional benefits for full-time staff that includes insurance, time off, disability, and retirement. 

Some examples of our unique benefits available on-site to all staff are:

  • Insurance and Robust PTO

    Unique benefits

    Mel Trotter offers 9 paid holidays including Employee’s Birthday. Employees are offered medical, dental, and vision insurance and 4 weeks of PTO.

  • Dedicated Parking

    Dedicated Parking

    Free parking available to all MTM Employees.

  • Employee Assistance Program

    Employee Assistance Program

    Free to all MTM Employees. Pine Rest partnership includes 3 telehealth or face to face visits for employees and anyone living in the employee’s home for any issues. These 3 visits can be used for an unlimited number of health issues.

  • On-site Clinical Services

    On-site Clinical Services

    Chiropractic Clinic: available at no charge. Legal Services: consultation at no charge. Dental Clinic: available after 6 months of employment with co-pay. Vision Clinic: available after 6 months of employment with co-pay.

  • MTM Thrift Store Discount

    Thrift store discount

    25% discount for all MTM employees on retail merchandise.

  • Staff Meal Program

    Staff Meal Program

    Staff meals are complimentary. We encourage staff to share a meal with our guests because we believe a meal without a conversation is a wasted opportunity.

  • Community Discounts

    Community Discount

    As an MTM employee, you will receive premium discounts through many community partners including college tuition reimbursement, auto insurance, cell phone service, and more.

  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

    Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

    We believe God intentionally made a beautifully diverse world. Because of this, we want to be an open door and create an inclusive environment for anyone who is our guest or staff.

  • 403B Retirement Plan

    403b Retirement Plan

    Employee Contribution with annually approved, dollar for dollar, company match. 100% vested.

Best & Brightest

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We are proud to announce that once again Mel Trotter Ministries has been recognized as one of the Nation's Best and Brightest Companies to Work For!

This wouldn’t be possible without our incredibly faithful, hard-working staff.

Join our team and help us continue being a “best & brightest” company to work for in the nation! 

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  • Communication & Fundraising

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    The Advancement team is the essential partner in Mel Trotter Ministries' marketing and fundraising activities. Through dignified storytelling, we bring you alongside our guests as they transition out of homelessness. We steward philanthropic partnerships with individuals, foundations and corporations who believe in the power of Christ, to end homelessness, one life at a time.

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  • Finance

    Join our team

    Be an integral contributor and team-player to the accountability, transparency, and organization of the financial management of Mel Trotter Ministries. Dedicated to maintaining accuracy, efficiency, and integrity for the higher purpose of demonstrating the compassion of Jesus Christ through rescue and restoration for anyone experiencing hunger and homelessness.

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  • Information Technology

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    Serving as the hands and feet supporting the technology needs of Mel Trotter Ministries as it demonstrates the compassion of Jesus Christ as we work to see the end of homelessness. The Information Technology departments seeks to empower our end users in their work with modern and secure platforms to enable them to better serve our guests. We are committed to making the most of our resources, leveraging a wide range of technologies to expand the capabilities and efficiency of Mel Trotter Ministries.

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  • Culinary Services

    Join our team

    Play an integral part of a team that ends hunger and provides hope. Through a dignified dining experience we prepare quality meals, nourishment, and friendship to a community in need. When, as a team, we remove the barriers created by hunger, Mel Trotter Ministries is able to develop individuals to reach their highest potential, through the compassion of Christ.

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  • Shelter Services

    Join our team

    Every day homeless men and women walk through our doors because they have no one else to turn to for help. They come in broken, no hope, searching for a hand up. No one is beyond God’s grace and forgiveness. Come with us on the journey through sharing your expertise, facilitating classes, mentoring men and women as they find their pathway to hope. If you have a passion to help individuals realize their full potential, we need you! Join us on our mission of ending homelessness, one life at a time.

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  • Clinics

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    Are you a healthcare professional who wants to care for those who struggle with substance abuse, mental health issues, or chronic conditions or a dental professional interested in showing compassion through the restoration of someone’s smile and confidence? Our team strives to show the love of Christ through our medical, dental, vision, and chiropractic services. We are excited to have the support of our local health partners and universities through an on-site medical clinic and telehealth services. Our goal is to preserve dignity, improve health, and bring hope and healing through compassionate care to everyone we serve.

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  • Ministry and Outreach

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    The Ministry and Outreach team is leading our organization understanding and living out our “Why.” We believe everyone is created in God’s image and that together in community we can walk through the messiness of life to become all that we have been created to be. We believe the gospel transforms us into living witnesses of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. We live lives in graceful kingdom lives towards ourselves and towards each other.

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  • Facilities

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    The MTM facilities team exists to provide an environment for our guests and staff that reflects our “why”. Everyone is made in the image of God and is created to do good works. MTM facilities team honors this by providing a dignified and safe place for all of God’s created people to find shelter, safety, a dignified place to work, heal, and recover.

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  • Intake Team

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    Our Intake Team at Mel Trotter Ministries serve a vital role in welcoming our guests and sharing the compassion of Jesus Christ through practical hospitality. This is the team which provides security and safety to those within the mission, and ensures that our building and grounds are safe and secure. This role provides each staff member the opportunity to shine a light of hope for someone who may be going through a tough time. If you are driven to make a difference every day, you may be a great fit for a position with our MTM Intake Team.

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  • Human Resources

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    In human resources, we are honored to play a role in creating a vibrant culture of growth and excellence; one which radically promotes the truth that all people are created in the image of God and have a future and a purpose. By sourcing qualified and driven difference-makers, we are moving the needle on ending homelessness through the power of Christ. By joining the Mel Trotter Ministries HR team you will have opportunities to collaborate on career development, training, culture, and our total rewards package - all of which makes Mel Trotter Ministries a Best & Brightest company to work for.

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  • Heartside Ministry

    Join our team

    Heartside Ministry, a division of Mel Trotter Ministries, has been showing hospitality to the homeless community since 1983. Through the use of its art studio, educational GED completion program, onsite spiritual counselor, community room, and Sunday morning worship service, Heartside Ministry continues to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus to all.

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  • Internships

    Join our team

    There are a variety of internship opportunities at Mel Trotter Ministries that could be for those interested in the medical field, dental care, chiropractic and vision care, hospitality, social work and counseling, marketing, food service, fundraising, etc. You could be part of what makes Mel Trotter Ministries a Best & Brightest company to work for.

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  • Just as Jesus sees us

    The years Mary spent at Prison Fellowship now fuel the passion behind her work at Mel Trotter Ministries. Each day, she brings the same enthusiasm and faith principles to her work. She firmly believes that everyone deserves the love and compassion of Jesus Christ, despite their past.

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  • Dennis' Story

    Today I am a different man. I’ve been clean and sober since 2011 and I’m now the “go to guy” in the facilities department here at Mel Trotter Ministries. I have my own place, a nice car and my family back. But the main thing is, I have peace in my life – that peace that only the Lord can bring me. I work here at Mel Trotter and my job in facilities gives me the opportunity to show guys like me what God is all about and how He can restore their lives.

    Dennis' Story
  • I'm blessed to work at MTM

    By watching Julius interact with the guests, it’s clear that he loves and values each one of them. He helps them see that God has more for them. “I just try to help them understand that God hasn’t given up on them. They always smile when I say that, but I remind them that God woke them up for a reason, they have another chance to better their lives…”

    I'm blessed to work at MTM