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Raising Good Stewards

Raising Good Stewards of God's Resources

Today’s younger generations need guidance from parents and family members to understand the connection between thriving spiritually and thriving financially. It’s important that we show them that giving back is what God calls us to do.

Talking about the future can create certainty, peace and even inspire them to get involved with the values, passions and causes you care about — like the work of Mel Trotter Ministries. Helping our children understand that giving is an act of worship will not only help them manage their money but also become good stewards.

Two things your children and grandchildren need to know as they grow are:

Why you embrace faith. In John 6:44, Jesus declares, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him …” How were you uniquely drawn to Christ? Communicating your faith journey can help instill a godly legacy and inspire curiosity. If serving Jesus is the “why” that gets you out of bed in the morning, tell them!

Why you have certain personal values. Perhaps you believe a solid work ethic is of utmost importance. What about living with integrity? Exercising financial stewardship or planning for retirement? Are you passionate about supporting a certain cause? If it matters to you, it’s worth sharing with them.

Then, you can easily turn your “why” into action, by supporting a ministry or cause that aligns with your values. A charitable gift annuity is a simple way to communicate your “why” to the next generation, receive an income stream for life and bless Mel Trotter Ministries in the process.

Donate things like cash, CDs, savings bonds, IRA distributions, collectibles and more. You can donate now or through your Will or a Trust.

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