Corners of Your Field

A partnership between local churches & MTM Thrift Stores.

Corners of Your Field is a partnership opportunity between local churches and Mel Trotter Ministries Thrift Stores. Corners of Your Field encourages attendees of our partner churches to be intentional about selecting their gently used household items as a donation to MTM Thrift Stores. The stores then return a portion of the value of these items in the form of gift cards to your church to help those directly in your care.

  • How does Corners of Your Field help my church?
    1. Corners of Your Field provides a practical way to meet the Biblical mandate of caring for the hungry and homeless, and gives you a plan to do so.
    2. Corners of Your Field puts resources, beginning with gift cards to MTM Thrift Stores, in the hands of every partner church. We recognize you know the needs of your community better than we do and want to equip you to make a difference.
  • How does this partnership work, practically?

    The process is quite simple.

    1. Individuals or families donate their gently used items to MTM Thrift Stores.
    2. The MTM Thrift Stores employee serving them will ask the name of your church.
    3. Quarterly, your church will receive gift cards to MTM Thrift Stores that can be given to anyone who comes to your church in need.

    And donors are still able to take advantage of the tax-deduction with every gift to MTM Thrift Stores.

  • I’m ready. How do I get my church involved with Corners of Your Field?

    You can sign up right here, right now. Share the information of your church and a point of contact and we’re on our way to developing a growing relationship.  You’ll begin receiving resources by e-mail almost immediately and every donation made on behalf of your church will be credited to you.

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