There's More to My Story

Who do you see?

When you see someone who is homeless, who do you see? A lazy bum, an addict, someone who chooses to be homeless? If we knew the full story of what got that person to such a lonely place, would we still judge? There’s so much more to anyone's story than what we see on the outside.  

At Mel Trotter Ministries, we don’t see people for their mistakes or their circumstances, we see people who are made in the image of God; people who have talents and gifts potential for a productive and happy future. Through the stories featured below, we hope you see that too.

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Holiday Stories

There's More to Their Story

Polaroids Steve Fall

My name is Steve. I was making 6 figures with my flourishing chiropractic practice, I was married and had a great relationship with my wife and kids. Then I injured my wrist. That was my manhood and I couldn't handle it. There's more to my story.

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Polariod Marge

My name is Marge. I was living with my daughter in a motel when I found out I was ill. When I went into the hospital, my daughter was unable to pay for the motel room and we became homeless. There's more to my story.

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Polariod Daniel

My name is Daniel. I lived on the streets for seven years…but now I’m a college student and I know my worth. There’s more to my story.

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Polariod Camille

My name is Camille. I was in an abusive relationship and turned to drugs to cope with the pain. I lost my home, my children, and my faith. I lost everything. There's more to my story.

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Polariod Deshawn

My name is Deshawn. You ask where I grew up? A warm place, comfortable, three story house in Muskegon. There are a variety of things I could name that made me homeless, but the main one would have to be that I was in denial and refused to listen to the people who wanted to help me. There's more to my story.

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How Others Were Moved

Such a powerful story and inspirational for a lot of youth, including myself.
Very cool to see's such a great campaign!
Even though I have never had a connection to homelessness, I feel as if I can connect to each of these stories in some way… Meagan’s rebellion, Jack’s depression, and Charlene’s hope.
I’m glad to see he’s still striving for success...

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