There's More to My Story

God has plans for Charlene

"They said I was born drunk, they had to pump the alcohol out of my system when I was born. I was about 3 pounds, I was so small I fit in a shoebox. They had to keep me in the hospital, they didn’t think I was going to make it." 

"I had a happy childhood but suffered abuse at a very young age, which caused me to lose trust in friends and family. At Mel Trotter Ministries, I discovered that there is more to my story and that I was made in the image of God." - Charlene

Your gift today will show Charlene and others - who reach out to Mel Trotter Ministries for help - to know they are loved and valued. Give Today to show your neighbors that you believe they were made in the image of God as they start the next chapter of their story.

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'Homeless' is a circumstance

When you see someone experiencing homelessness, who do you see? 
Do you see the man, woman, family or youth as someone made in the image of God?
There’s so much more to every story story of homelessness than what we see on the outside.

God has plans to prosper all of His children -- including our neighbors who are currently experiencing homelessness. 

There's More to My Story

Polaroid Charlene2

My name is Charlene and there's more to my story.

"I'm employed full-time, living out my faith, connected with a church and I'm full of joy -- but it wasn't always this way."

I strongly feel God's calling on my life.

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Polaroid Jerry 2

My name is Jerry and there's more to my story.

"While recovering from a triple bypass surgery I become an addict at the end of my rope.  I had squandered everything I had to feed my addiction and was left with no way to pay rent and no where to go."

God made me for more.

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Polaroid Tammygabby

We're Tammy & Gabby and there's more to our story.  

"I have always been a hard working, independent single mom, until the day I had a stroke changed everything for me and my daughter..."

God had more for us.

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What have you learned about homelessness?

These guests are human beings, made in the image of God, and deserve the same compassion and respect that everyone else is given. Any of us could end up homeless so you have to ask yourself, how would you want to be treated if you were here? – MTM Staff
Homelessness is not having someone to talk to, not having a shoulder to cry on. I need love and I need family. We need relationships. – MTM guest
Any one of us can be in their shoes. I tell them my story and then tell them not to give up. God hasn’t given up on them, they have a chance to do something new and change their path. – MTM Staff
We can provide better service by viewing our guests as children of God, as those Christ valued enough to die for. With this lens, we seek to ‘make people’s day’ through small and large acts of dignity and kindness. – MTM Staff

Stories of life-change

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They are individuals with talents and gifts that can lead to a productive and happy future beyond the label of "homeless."

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