Lake Effect

Lake Effect Church opens doors and hearts to MTM Guests

Recalling the first time Lake Effect Church came to Mel Trotter Ministries in June 2017, church leader Susie Renzema said, “About 12 to 15 of us showed up with a truckload of snacks all ready to lead people to Jesus! More people were interested in the snacks than in us, but we as a church were deeply impacted and we were all in as far as participating in chapel was concerned.”

Since then, Susie told us, interest has definitely increased. “We meet guests at chapel and introduce them to a larger network of Christians from all over Grand Rapids and then provide a church home for continued follow-up.” The deepest impact, however, has been on ministering to women at Mel Trotter.


“We have a Thursday night Bible study that about six or eight guests regularly attend. It has forged a very real closeness among us and has given the women from Mel Trotter a real sense of place within our church body.” Charlene, featured in this issue of the MTM Newsletter, is a regular attendee and has built a deep bond with Susie.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful things, according to Susie, has been the response of Lake Effect’s congregation. “The willingness to do whatever is necessary to provide transportation and to meet various needs has been tremendous. Our Mel Trotter members are not separate from us, they are fully a part of us. They belong here as much as anyone else and that is really the nucleus of this partnership, belonging!”

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