The first Mother's Day I feel like a mother

I became a mother when I was 16 years old and today I am the proud mother of 6 beautiful children, 5 boys and 1 girl. I am a grandma to 18, and a great grandma to 2. I love to hear them call me granny. Having the title of granny is my proudest title yet. I light up with joy thinking about the place each one of them have in my heart! For the first time this year I was able to get every single one of my grandchildren Christmas presents, I have the biggest smile on my face thinking about the joy it not only brought to them, but for me to be able to do that and be present in their lives, my heart is overwhelmed.

It is a gift to be able to hear from each of my kids every day. My second oldest son, Anthony, and I always check in with each other and support one another in our recovery. It feels beautiful to have my kids back in my life, I was scared it was never going to happen for me.

"It is a gift to be able to hear from each of my kids every day."

Now that I am in recovery and love myself and the life I'm living, I am really looking forward to being that constant support in my kids’ lives and provide the same unconditional love that God has shown me in my own journey. I pray for them constantly and I am praying for God's guidance as I try to reunite with my youngest son and build strong relationships with all of my kids. I want to lead my kids, step-grandkids, grandkids and great grandkids down the right path teaching them through my own experiences, both in my trials and my triumphs. I am working on going to get my GED and my hope is that it inspires my young ones to finish their schooling and know the importance of education too. My hope is that they all live a healthy, happy and prosperous life. This Mother’s Day will be extra special because I know... there’s more to my story.

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I'm thankful for Mel Trotter for showing me how to love myself and others through the love of Christ, I'm thankful for my recovery coach Elisha for showing me the power of forgiveness. I am so grateful to God for restoring my life and my relationship with my family.

I know I still have room to grow as a mother and I am still working on building these relationships to be all that they can be, especially with my daughter. For the first time in awhile though I am excited and hopeful to see how they will grow. I am so excited for this Mother's Day, because it is truly the first Mother's Day I feel like a mother, and I feel so blessed for this gift and all that lies ahead!

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