Hello, my name is Human

We are all rough drafts of the people we are still becoming. – Bob Goff

My name is Human

Be The Change

I wear a bracelet every day that says, “be the change.” This is not to inspire me to come up with the next world-shaking movement but, it is to inspire me to be the change in someone’s life, quite possibly the one positive thing in their day. I don’t want to look back at my life one day and see that I spent my entire life avoiding people… the ones Jesus spent his entire life engaged with, do you?

My name is Hailey Mulder. I am a 21-year-old senior in college. I am the communication intern at Mel Trotter Ministries but, there is more to my story.

My Name Is Human

As a senior I am often asked what my plans are for after college or what my dream job would be? I have one answer: in my job I want to be able to love on people every day and be someone’s number one fan, because everyone deserves that.

Over my time at Mel Trotter I have had many moments where I see through lenses that are not my own. I had to opportunity to paint a painting for ArtPrize. I decided to paint a name tag that said, “Hello my name is Human” on canvas, to symbolize that we are all human, despite what other labels we might have. I often think that the guests we meet at Mel Trotter can be seen only as one label, but they are also much more than that. No matter the pages already written or the ones still to come, we are all human and we all deserve love and respect no matter what chapter of our story we are in.


Bob Goff once said, “We are all rough drafts of the people we are still becoming.”

I know that I am a “rough draft” and I think that we all are. It is important to recognize that we have opportunities every day to grow. By taking the time to get to know people, reflecting inward, and not to be quick to judge, we can become better versions of ourselves. No one plans to be homeless.


Often times, we see others and if they don’t look like us or live like us we automatically assume they are less than us. But, when you take away all of our material things, one thing remains true… we are human. 

Hello, OUR name is Human.

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