September 2018 Newsletter

You gave Lisa the strength to find a home

Lisa went from the city streets to a safe place for women.

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There's more to my story

“When my life wasn’t touched by it, homelessness and poverty were so easy to judge.” That’s what Meagan, a guest at Mel Trotter, said about the years before her story took a dark turn and changed her perspective. You don’t have to lose your home to gain insight.  

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Has God asked you to serve?

Volunteer Profile: Bruce Pruitt

“WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?” were Bruce Pruitt’s first words when he decided to volunteer at Mel Trotter Ministries. “If you need help with anything, just let me know,” he said before setting out chairs, Bibles and Prayer Request Forms and just being present to care for the guests and other volunteers. He has done this almost every day for over five years, taking only a short time off recently to grieve the death of his son.

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