November 28, 2018

Two Heartside Area Homeless Missions Team Up on Christmas Store for Patrons 

Public can donate gifts that homeless can purchase for loved ones

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — For many Heartside neighborhood residents, Christmas is the one time of year they may see their loved ones. Through a special Christmas store organized by Heartside neighborhood missions Degage Ministries and Mel Trotter Ministries, the neighbors have an opportunity to purchase gifts for their family at a low cost and in a dignified manner.

The one-day event is being held Tuesday, Dec. 18, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 200 Division Avenue South.

This is the third year the two organizations have collaborated on the endeavor, and is a terrific example of how the two seek ways to partner with others to eliminate duplication of services and make resources more streamlined for Heartside neighbors who are seeking assistance.

“We are excited to partner with Mel Trotter Ministries once again for this year’s Christmas Store,” said Degage Ministries executive director Marge Palmerlee. “Our combined efforts will have a greater impact in the Heartside community.”

“The Christmas Store partnership with Degage Ministries is the perfect fit for the two agencies to come together and provide an opportunity for individuals and families to receive Christmas gifts this year in an efficient and dignified way,” said Mel Trotter Ministries’ president and CEO Dennis Van Kampen.

The gifts that the Heartside neighbors purchase are all donated to Degage and Mel Trotter from private donations.

Each fall Degage publishes a “wish list” of items needed to help its patrons enjoy Christmas. Degage utilizes Amazon’s online shopping capabilities to make it easier than ever for people to donate gifts to Degage. These items are available for patrons to buy at discounted prices at the Dec. 18 event. Additionally, some patrons can use vouchers from Degage and Mel Trotter to pay for items. Vouchers are earned when patrons do jobs for the missions.

More on the online store and wish list is available by clicking here.

Organization officials are available to comment on this special Christmas gift-giving initiative and the impact this approach has on patrons who can ‘buy’ gifts for their loved ones.



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