Latest West Michigan weather conditions places homeless community at risk!

by: Adrienne Goodstal, Mel Trotter Ministries
Posted: Feb 13, 2020 / 04:58 PM EST Updated: Feb 13, 2020 / 04:58 PM EST

(WOTV) – West Michigan winters may be bearable for those with roofs over their heads, but for our neighbors residing in homeless communities, living in extremely cold temperatures is very difficult!

 Harsh winter conditions places many at risk as winter threats include hypothermia, frostbite, and in some cases-death!

The National Weather Service has recently stated that the homeless community is at risk of experiencing cold temperatures between Feb. 13th-Feb.14th!

West Michigan, let’s save lives this winter by extending helping hands to our less fortunate brothers and sisters!

Our team at Mel Trotter Ministries will provide service to over 400 guests per night. For individuals who can’t physically reach our doors through the snow and cold, we are more than happy to meet them exactly where they are.

Our mission is to do whatever it takes to bring people out of the cold and offer them meals and a safe place to sleep!

With the help of our Hope Van, we can scope the streets of our community, find individuals residing in intolerable environments, and provide immediate support!

If you would like to contribute to our outreach efforts visit:

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