Statement on Politics

"Mel Trotter Ministries does not endorse any political candidates or parties. We have not for 120 years and will not in the future.”

- Dennis Van Kampen, President/CEO

A candidate running for political office worked first at Mel Trotter Ministries over 15 years ago. Her life and faith were deeply impacted by that time in ministry, as is the case for many individuals who experience mission work firsthand, and she shares that experience frequently. God does amazing things in and through this ministry for all people—guests as well as staff and volunteers.

At MTM, we invite political leaders from all parties to visit and see exactly what God is doing here. Mayor Bliss, Congressman Huizenga, Hillary Scholten, Peter Meijer, and HUD Secretary, Dr. Ben Carson, have all toured the mission. They each had the opportunity to see and hear the transformative works that are occurring in the lives of so many individuals who are experiencing homelessness.

We exist to demonstrate the compassion of Christ for everyone experiencing hunger and homelessness in West Michigan, and we also welcome all those who enter through our doors to learn more.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us to end homelessness—one life at a time.