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You're helping Alberta to live her best life.

Alberta seemed to be living on a rock-solid foundation. The preacher’s daughter came from a large, loving family that taught her responsibility at an early age. She attended college and raised two children. But 20 years in an abusive marriage chipped away at that foundation. Alberta ended up divorced, alienated from her children and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, but there's more to her story.

Hoping for a fresh start, Alberta moved to Grand Rapids and found work as a live-in nanny. When she experienced a severe panic attack, she was hospitalized for two weeks. She lost her job and her home—but she found another fresh start when the hospital referred her to Mel Trotter Ministries.

When she entered Mel Trotter’s Restoration Program, Alberta fell in love with the classes, devotions and resources. She built relationships and found emotional healing and forgiveness through the on-site Domestic Violence Class offered by Safe Haven.

I learned who I am as a child of God. – Alberta
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Most importantly, Alberta became one of the first guests to move into Melanie’s House, a transitional home for women who have graduated from programs at Mel Trotter. She gladly shared, “Living at Melanie’s House helped me to be independent. I’m taking steps to live my best life.” That includes volunteering in Mel Trotter’s development department, restoring her relationship with her children and rebuilding the solid foundation that had crumbled.

Alberta wanted to share a message for friends like you who support our ministry: “Thank you for giving me a place to stay when I was afraid and didn’t know anyone,” she said. “At Mel Trotter, I learned who I am as a child of God. He has a plan for my life, and it’s for good.”

Listen to Alberta give her testimony at her graduation. 

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