Camille's Story

Camille 4

My name is Camille Sallie. I’m 29 years old, from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The reason I ended up at Mel Trotter was because of some really bad choices that I have made in my life. I was in a bad relationship with an ex, which was abusive. He was also into drugs and drinking every day. Soon I followed behind him. I was very depressed and stressed out. I had lost myself. Right behind myself, went my children – not physically yet, but I was very aware by that time that I had lost connection to life itself. 

In the midst of trying to love the wrong man when I needed to love myself and children, I remember looking at myself in the mirror and not being able to recognize my own face because I was so skinny from stressing, not eating, plus doing drugs. I remember going to the hospital, being so scared for me and my children’s life, trying to heal from being stabbed by the man who was supposed to love me. At that moment I was so close to losing everything. I needed to change my life, I needed God. I lost my faith during those times. I needed order. I needed help. I was sick. It’s not until after losing my house, my car, then physically my children, my family, and friends that I sunk deeper into my addiction. I began to use cocaine and drinking every day. I was missing out on the greater things in life, like being a mother. I was hurting loved ones, stressing them out from not knowing if I was okay or even alive. I was in the streets hungry, tired, and stuck in the same lifestyle for years, giving up so much for nothing in return.

But there's more to my story.

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