Cherita's Story

I'm living again! – Cherita
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You helped Cherita believe that God made her for more than a life of addiction.

The open road is a great symbol for how far Cherita has come in her life.

When she looks back on her journey, this mother and grandmother sees mistakes, over 30 years of addictions, homelessness, depression, and relationship disasters. But thanks to friends like you who support Mel Trotter Ministries, Cherita doesn’t have to keep looking back . . . she has a road ahead full of promises and hope!

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“I came to (Mel Trotter Ministries) because my life wasn’t getting any better out there. I wasn’t getting any further in life. I went back to using. I was getting more depressed,” Cherita admitted. “So I came here. It’s different. Everybody’s awesome.”

Cherita said the staff in the recovery program has helped get her back on the right track in so many ways. She is learning tools to overcome her addiction, and she was given a scholarship to return to school. Also, Cherita said her relationships with her family are being restored.

One bonus blessing that she never thought was possible was getting her driver’s license! She said the staff helped her study and prepare for it. And she was able to save up money to take the test. “They helped me study. I took my road test. So now I have my permit!”

The possibilities for the future are endless with God’s help . . . like an open road ahead. “I’m living again,” Cherita says. “I’m  happy. Here at Mel Trotter, they are going to help you. If they can’t help, they’ll find a way and refer you to someone who can. I’m living proof.”

Your support helps Cherita and so many others pursue God’s purpose for their lives through: 

  • Spiritual Support
  • Safe emergency shelters
  • Meals and other basic living essentials
  • An uplifting, encouraging staff
  • Addiction recovery services
  • Housing readiness
  • Dental, vision, and chiropractic clinics
  • Legal guidance, financial support, and more

Every program and effort shares the love and hope of Christ for healing, renewal, and a better future.

She said, “This is only the tip of the iceberg. I can’t even imagine what God has in store. I just know it’s going to be all good.”

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