DeMario's Story

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DeMario arrived in Grand Rapids by bus from Memphis, Tennessee, with no one and no place to welcome him. 

At the station, a local experiencing homelessness told DeMario about Mel Trotter Ministries.

DeMario needed a nourishing meal and a safe night of rest and received these essentials and much more as he began to share his story with Mel Trotter staff.

Before he left Memphis, DeMario says, “I asked the good Lord to be with me and lead me on the right path.”

He and his mother experienced homelessness when DeMario was young — but his mother set an example for him by getting a good job that allowed the two to progress from temporary housing at a hotel, to an apartment and, finally, to a home of their own. “If she can do it, then anyone can do it,” says DeMario.

DeMario’s mother passed away seven months ago. Although no longer here to guide him, her memory motivates DeMario in his goal to find employment and have his own home in Grand Rapids.

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DeMario discovered our Next Step Workforce Development program and received access to resources and opportunities to learn and unlock valuable skills for stable, gainful employment.

He was reminded that he was created in the image of a God who loves and has blessed him.

“I thank you all for everything,” he says of the food, shelter and support he’s received from Mel Trotter and its family of donors. He adds that he will continue to be patient, stay positive and put God first and make the most of the opportunity he’s received.“

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