Erin's Story

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Erin knew about Mel Trotter Ministries eight years before she walked through the doors ready to make changes in her life. She had brought a friend to Mel Trotter who needed its rehab programs. That friend, who got clean, told her, “When you finally decide to get clean, let me know.” 

Three years ago, Erin was ready and she called her friend. She entered Mel Trotter Ministries’ Step-Up Recovery program on January 10, 2019, staying ten months before finally walking out the door drug-free.

“I knew I needed to do something,” said Erin, 37. “I learned a lot about myself while at Mel Trotter. I learned how to live everyday life without having to get high; I learned how to wake up every day and not have anxiety about getting my next high.”

Erin grew up in Otsego, the child of divorced, alcoholic parents. She tried pills at about age 14, in part because in a small town there wasn’t much to do. A lot of the people she got high with then didn’t turn into addicts, but she did. Her dad died when she was 25, causing her to dive into drugs even deeper. She was able to pull herself out, but when her mom died seven years later, she fell harder and deeper.

"I lived in hotels or on friends’ couches or in their basements. I thought I had my stuff together, but didn’t at all.” -Erin
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Despite the drugs, “I thought I had my head on my shoulders. I lived in hotels or on friends’ couches or in their basements. I thought I had my stuff together, but didn’t at all. I knew what real life was and how to do real life things, but I wasn’t in the right mindset,” she said.

Then came the decision to go to Mel Trotter Ministries. She went to the Step-Up classes, had one-on-one counseling sessions, and attended chapel services, which she said helped her through her time at MTM.

“I liked the church services we went to, and it helped me get through the time at Mel Trotter and overcome my addiction,” Erin said. Just as important, she added, “MTM taught me to grieve without drugs.” This, we know, is exactly what Scripture says about being in a supportive community and that we are better together than we
are alone (Romans 12:4-5).

Now Erin manages a grocery store in Grand Rapids and has been clean for three years. She credits her time at Mel Trotter Ministries with helping her navigate the tough path she was on.

“The people there, especially the advocates, were very understanding. They didn’t judge, listened when I was having my moments, and let me be me,” said Erin. “They provided support that I didn’t have when I was out using. Mel Trotter was part of saving my life.”

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