Jack's Story

Volunteer Feature

One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is the gift of giving. – Jack

Twenty years as a trial lawyer took a heavy toll on Jack Carpenter. “I was an alcoholic, I was a drug addict and I did a lot of womanizing,” he recalled. He finally talked to his pastor about his problems and attended a lecture series on the Bible for people with sinful habits. Even after changing his ways, he said, “I was so fatigued. I resigned my office and the profession.”

Retirement, it turned out, was just the beginning for Jack. There was more to his story.


Jack settled down and married “a wonderful woman.” Jack and Glenda divided their time between Arizona, Arkansas and Michigan, where Jack began leading a men’s Bible study at Mel Trotter Ministries four years ago. “I realized it was an insult to leave the men every winter. My wife and I decided to sell our home in Arkansas because we wanted to serve Christ.” Jack and Glenda bought a cottage in Grand Rapids and now live here year-round.

“We love the area, and I especially love the men,” Jack said. “They are very bright; you can tell they really thirst for righteousness and for God’s Word. They ask very intelligent questions.”

Although the couple is on a fixed income, they also provide faithful financial support for the Mission’s continued growth. “One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is the gift of giving. Mel Trotter is an excellent institution to answer God’s calling.”

Please join Jack and Glenda in their faithful giving with a gift to Mel Trotter before Thanksgiving.

Posted: November, 2018