Lois and David's Story

If you walk through the doors of Mel Trotter Ministries today, you’ll likely run into Lois or her son David.

Lois will be the one chatting, smiling and laughing with guests and staff. You’ll find David volunteering in the kitchen and helping in the day center wherever he sees a need. If you still don’t know who they are, you’ll know when you see their goodbye tradition. David always kisses his mom right on the top of her head before heading out.

God doesn't give me any more than I can handle. – Lois

Life took a turn for the worse when Lois’ husband was suddenly diagnosed with a severe stage of cancer. He passed away in just two months. David tried to care for his mom, but with high home costs and bills piling up, they were forced to abandon their mobile home. They became homeless right in the middle of Christmas time. Both share that without shelter, they would not have had a holiday at all.

Lois and David say the most important thing to remember in challenging times is... “Don’t stop!” Lois and David encourage others to keep a positive attitude during trying times and just keep moving forward. “God doesn’t give me any more than I can handle. My faith is ongoing,” Lois says. “People don’t choose (homelessness), but if they can keep their head up they can work through it.”

David agrees, “You really have to work toward what you want. I just try to keep a positive attitude and keep going.”

So what is the big dream and goal for Lois and David? They want to get a place of their own in time to have a family meal for the holidays. Time at Mel Trotter Ministries is only part of their story, a place where they can get their feet underneath them again. David said when he gets back on his feet and into a home of his own, he’ll return to the Mission to keep helping, volunteering and sharing the message... “Don’t stop!”

Bless others like Lois and David

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