Everybody has something to do for God

Hospitality is about reminding people of their value. – Marcy

With decades of human resources experience in the hospitality industry, Marcy McMahon knew all the ins and outs of service. However, when she began leading a women’s devotional at Mel Trotter Ministries a couple of years ago, she discovered what true hospitality looked like.

In the restaurant world, Marcy explained, “Hospitality is about making a guest’s experience the best memory it can be. At Mel Trotter, hospitality is about reminding people of their value, letting them know they’re not unseen or forgotten and that they’re made in the image of God.”

It wasn’t long, Marcy told us, before God prompted her to open her heart to a possible career change. That change came on the National Day of Prayer Breakfast at Mel Trotter last May. As Director of Operations at The Gilmore Collection, a local restaurant group, Marcy routinely received notifications of job postings. “My phone ‘pinged’ and there was a position for Senior Director of HR at Mel Trotter,” she recalled. “I had committed to God to go wherever He pointed.” Marcy inter­viewed for the job that day and now serves as our Vice President of HR.

“It’s been a fantastic experience,” Marcy enthused. “There’s incredible innovation, creativity, professionalism and excellence among the team.” What drives the team, she explained, is a shared sense of purpose and the conviction that “everybody has something to do for God.”

At Mel Trotter, Marcy uses every skill she’s learned in her 40-year career… but she still discovers something new every day, mostly through our guests. “We’re not that different,” she said, “just our circumstances. We’re all on a journey together.”