Rachel's Story


Growing up in a house where alcohol and drug use were common, it’s not surprising that Rachel got high for the first time at 13. At 18, she was pregnant and trapped in an abusive relationship. By age 36, Rachel was “a full-blown IV drug user.” The odds were stacked against her, but God defies all odds.

Through her struggles, Rachel and her children relied on her father—who also battled addiction—to provide food, clothing and a home. After his sudden death, Rachel’s life “flipped upside down. No amount of drugs would numb my pain. All I wanted was to stop hurting but nothing worked.”

It wasn’t long before Rachel and her children were evicted from their home. She sent her children to her ex-husband and suddenly found herself alone and homeless.

“I heard about the Step-Up Recovery Program at Mel Trotter,” Rachel recalled. “I was scared of being in a homeless shelter but nothing could be worse than living on the streets.”

I felt a huge wave of calmness and I felt like I was going to be okay.

Arriving at the Mission, Rachel immediately set her fears aside. “That great big cross was the first thing I saw when I walked through the door. I felt a huge wave of calmness and I felt like I was going to be okay,” she said as she smiled.

Rachel had already tried six times to overcome her addiction. The Step-Up Program was the first program that she completed. “Because of Mel Trotter I’m no longer just a statistic or a homeless drug addict,” Rachel said.

Drug-free for nearly two years, Rachel enrolled in college, received dentures through the MTM dental clinic and recently secured employment. Looking ahead, she shared, “I hope to give back to the same community that helped me get my life on track. I want to show other women who have been through domestic violence, homelessness, and addiction that it is possible to get help and become anything they want to be. Because I know if I can do it, anybody can do it.” Rachel continues to apply for apartments and looks forward to being reunited with her children. Thank you for not giving up on women like Rachel!

Posted: April, 2018

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