Sidney's Story

But sometimes my plans are not God's plans. – Sidney

Sidney once had it all— a successful flooring business with a fleet of vehicles, a six-figure salary, a home in a gated community, a beautiful wife— and had even served as a chaplain at a nonprofit helping people in need. He lost everything, however, when a serious injury sidelined him for two years and started him on a path to nowhere. His business floundered and eventually died, he faced homelessness because his medical bills and mortgage payments kept piling up and a job was hard to find thanks to his criminal record.

“I heard about Mel Trotter Ministries’ mission as soon as I got off the Greyhound bus in Grand Rapids,” said Sidney, who had arrived from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Much like when Mel Trotter himself led this mission in the early 1900’s, the impact is felt across the country as it continues to serve people from all over—those whom God delivers through its doors by His direction. 

Sidney arrived at Mel Trotter in January 2019 as a man with a plan: enter a restoration program, save money for a place to stay, finance a new van and tools, and go back to work.

“But sometimes my plans are not God’s plans,” said Sidney. “After becoming a Christian years ago and volunteering at several places, I developed a passion and felt I was led to help people in need. But later I found myself in need. My calling to help those in need was reaffirmed after witnessing the level of care and compassion I received at Mel Trotter Ministries.”

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He credits everyone from kitchen staff to case managers, from maintenance staff to management for his renewed admiration and respect for God’s servants at MTM. People such as Ken Welford, a case manager who cares for the physical and emotional needs of the guests; Miss Mary, who works tirelessly to make sure the ministry is run efficiently; and Pastor Ed, who is led by the spirit to plant seeds of hope in those who are downtrodden.

“After months of attending meetings, getting hold of God again, receiving love and attention from the staff, and receiving my calling, I can honestly say that I feel well rounded and have a purpose in life again,” said Sidney.

Sidney completed the restoration program and graduated from the wood design program, which he highly recommends “to gain a skill and a job, or for people like me who want to expand their horizons.” He’s also pursuing a career as a peer support specialist and getting his flooring business going, calling it Freedom Floors. After living in one of MTM’s transitional houses, Sidney recently found a permanent home!

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“Without MTM, I don’t know where I would be, but definitely not in the great position I am now socially, economically, spiritually, and physically,” said Sidney. “There isn’t anything they fall short of in meeting guests’ needs.”

Sidney is a mean who has reclaimed his life thanks to help from Mel Trotter Ministries. He encourages everyone he meets to learn about Mel Trotter and support the ministry. “I encourage anyone who has the ability, especially financially, to support the needs of those who are suffering,” he said. “Very few places are equipped to handle the needs of people who are downtrodden. There is no other place like Mel Trotter.”

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