Tamiqua's Story

My kids were happy. – Tamiqua

Tamiqua stood outside the doors of Mel Trotter Ministries in tears with young children alongside. It was a dark and snowing evening that most would forget. Except Tamiqua.

She had been living out of her van, but they just couldn’t do it anymore. It wasn’t safe and the winter nights were too cold. “I was crying. I was scared. And they let me in,” Tamiqua remembered. “There was no room, but they let me in.”

Tamiqua was a hard-working single mom of three boys—all under age 10. But a mold problem at the trailer they were renting made things fall apart pretty quickly. They were forced to move out. She tried to stay with a friend until she could get a deposit for a new place but was kicked out.

“I had nowhere else to go. We were sleeping in my van at night. I had a cooler that I put food for the boys in,” she recalled. The frightened mom was desperate when someone recommended she try Mel Trotter Ministries. “It was after hours and I was scared,” she said. “I didn’t think they were going to let me in. But they did.”

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Not long after she arrived, Tamiqua was placed in the Pathway Home shelter and re-housing program – a collaboration between Family Promise of Grand Rapids and Mel Trotter Ministries. Her advocate Mary walked alongside her to provide job leads and housing connections and most importantly a loving, listening ear.

“Mel Trotter is my biggest support system. Everybody was welcoming to my kids. To know that your kids were in a safe, welcoming space and warm,” Tamiqua shared. “Even though it was stressful because we came here, the kids were happy being here and not living in a van or seeing me crying.”

While at Mel Trotter, Tamiqua got a better job as a pharmacy technician. “My advocate helped me move into a house with my family . . . it was two weeks before Christmas,” she said.

“I had just started my new job so I didn’t have money for presents. Mel Trotter provided Christmas presents.” 

Friends like you turned this mom’s rock bottom moment into a Christmas that she’ll never forget. “It felt good to wake up Christmas morning at our own place,” she said. “My kids were happy. We made breakfast and opened presents.”

Tamiqua expressed that without friends like you who support Mel Trotter Ministries, she didn’t know how they would have survived. “It’s so easy to become homeless,” Tamiqua said. “I still think about it all the time. It keeps me motivated every day to keep trying harder. I want to thank donors. Because of you, I’m not homeless. I appreciate it. One day I hope I can be a donor and give back.”

Thank you for giving to help families in crisis. Your special Christmas gift this year will help transform even more lives!

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