Taylor's Story

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Families with children are by most accounts among the fastest-growing segments of the homeless population. More than 1 million children — an estimated 2 percent of all children and 10 percent of those living in poverty in the United States — are likely to experience homelessness each year.

Taylor* is just one of these children, and one of the many reasons we at Mel Trotter strive relentlessly to help the disadvantaged and brokenhearted overcome personal challenges and reach their God-given potential.

Taylor’s world was turned upside down the day her mother, Jane*, told her they must pack their few belongings and load them into their car. Through tears, Taylor took a final look at their apartment, knowing they had nowhere else to go.

Prior to the pandemic, the family of two had lived check to check, barely making ends meet. Soon, they were sleeping in a tent in one of Grand Rapids’ expanding homeless encampments. Taylor was overwhelmed by fear and confusion. A 6-year-old child can’t — and shouldn’t have to — understand why they must live in such horrific conditions.

Thankfully, because of our generous donors, children like Taylor don’t fear the summer. Taylor and Jane experienced Christ’s peace and restoration through Mel Trotter programs made possible by ministry partners. Staff with our mobile outreach met them in their place of need and invited them to our facility for nourishing meals, safe, comfortable temporary housing and life-changing resources to help Jane find gainful employment and permanent, affordable housing.

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