Tecca's Story

I was given so much grace! – Tecca

When Tecca fell and broke her hip on an icy winter day, she had no idea how much farther she would fall… or how high the Lord would raise her!

Tecca’s injury required four months of intensive rehabilitation in a nursing center. While she recovered, a friend from church checked on Tecca’s house and found an eviction notice on the door. “I gave him my keys,” Tecca remembered. “My church got together and saved all my belongings and put them in storage. That was the beginning of another faith walk for me.”

That faith walk led Tecca to Mel Trotter Ministries… but her pride kept her in her car for two days before coming through our door. Although it was her only option, Tecca viewed staying in a shelter as “rock bottom, the worst place to be.”

Excruciating pain, as well as hunger, finally forced Tecca to ask for help. Almost immediately, her real healing began. “The very first day, I was given so much grace. I was amazed.” Tecca was also pleasantly surprised by the educational assistance available to her. “Once I delved into that, I wanted to take computer courses, life skills, everything they had to offer! That gave me a sense of self-worth. It gave me drive.”

Tecca Sitting

Tecca happily reflected on her time at Mel Trotter Ministries as “a time of growing, a time of appreciation and definitely a time to let go of that pride. I think pride for me, all my life, has been my biggest enemy. Now I can stare it in the eye and say, ‘Hey, homelessness has no prejudice. It can happen to anyone.’ I’m just happy that Mel Trotter Ministries was here for me, to help me transition back into being a healthy individual.”

Now living on her own again, Tecca shows no sign of the terrible injury she suffered. “When I came to MTM I was using a walker. I still couldn’t fully walk. But it was through love and support that I was able to walk again.”

And it was through the love and support of friends like you that Tecca’s deeper healing occurred. Referring to our Mission statement, “Mel Trotter Ministries exists to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ toward the hungry, homeless and hurting of the Greater Grand Rapids area,” Tecca said, “I suffered from all three of those. That was my disease and I was healed here!”

Tecca is on a staff at a church in Grand Rapids as a community connector. She believes she couldn't have gotten where she is today without the help she received from Mel Trotter. 

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Hear more from Tecca in the video below:

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