Tim's Story

Tim Riebel 2

Drinking was a part of Tim’s family life as he grew up, “just something we did.” An occasional champagne toast starting when he was 13 grew into a full-blown addiction that cost Tim his marriage.

Tim’s divorce was the wake-up call that he needed to get help for his addiction before it destroyed his life. One day, while listening to a sports radio show, Tim heard an advertisement for Mel Trotter Ministries and knew it could be his path toward restoration.

“I found that they offered a 90-day substance abuse treatment program, and would allow for an individual to continue to the restoration programs,” Tim recalled. It seemed like a perfect fit,  because Tim was homeless and ready to make some serious long-term changes in his life.

Tim joined MTM’s Step-Up Recovery Program. “I knew God had plans to change me, but I didn’t know just how much He was about to do." Since that first day, Tim said, "I have seen firsthand just how many amazing our God is. I have learned more about myself, others, and most importantly, God through the program."

During that time, Tim has addressed the three things he wanted to accomplish: to put God first in his life, to stop drinking and to get his driver’s license back.  He is also on the way to restoring his relationships with his family. Although divorced, Tim told us that his ex-wife is still his best friend. 

I have seen firsthand just how amazing our God is.

Tim admitted that he doesn’t have all the answers about where he wants to go in life after leaving Mel Trotter, but he knows where to find them. "I will continue to turn to God, pray and ask for His guidance. I won’t stop asking until I have my marching orders, and then I will start praying for his strength to guide me through it. My life is in His hands.”

By the time you read this, Tim will be close to finishing the program and moving into a place of his own. Your support this Christmas season will bless Tim and all the men and women who will start their newly restored lives in 2018. 

Posted: December, 2017

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