Meet the Board


Janis Petrini Cropped

Janis Petrini, Chair

Owner & Operator, Express Employment Professionals

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Kurt Hein

Kurt Hein, Vice Chair

Owner, Christian Brothers Automotive

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Donijo De Jonge 2018

Donijo De Jonge, Treasurer

Bob Worthington Cropped

Bob Worthington, Secretary

Chief Operating Officer, Mercantile Bank of Michigan

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Brenda Moore, Assistant Secretary

Jim Bultema Crop

Jim Bultema

General Managing Partner, Railside Golf Club

Dave Byers 2018

Dave Byers

Rich Craig 2018

Rich Craig

Jim Kregel 2018

Jim Kregel

What motivates me

Jim Mitchell

Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Attorney, Mitchel Intellectual Property Law, PLLC

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Jonathon Moody 2018

Jonathan Moody

Tony Pearson Cropped

Tony Pearson

Andre Pierre Cropped

Andre Pierre

Business Strategy and Development

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Roger Bruins

Bruce Bush 2018

Bruce Bush

Owner, Synergy Business Development, LLC

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Chuck Damon

Mary Hollebeek 2018

Mary Hollebeek

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Tony Johnson 2018

Tony Johnson

Jeshua Lauka 2018

Jeshua Lauka

Attorney, David & Wierenga, P.C.

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Tom Mcgovern

Tom McGovern

Chief Operating Officer, Rockford Construction Company

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Dr  Dale Mcninch 2018

Dr. Dale McNinch

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Tonja Moyer

Img 1791 Gordon

Gordon Oosting

Chief Financial Officer, Mel Trotter Ministries

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Ron Van Houten

Honorary Trustees

Tom Meyers
Rick Velting †