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From the President…

The trends surrounding homelessness are something that weigh heavily on my heart every day. Each year, the overwhelming demand for our services continues to grow, highlighting the need for both near and long-term solutions to turn the tide.

Given our proximity, we are constantly asked by people how they can help the men, women, and children we are called to serve. It is an important question, but one without a single answer. The truth is, just like there is not one reason an individual finds themselves experiencing homelessness, there is also not just one way to offer help.

Here are the ways in which we are intentionally pursuing innovative approaches and community partnerships to move the needle on homelessness. But first, I’d like to share a reminder as to why we do this. We believe everyone is made in the image of a God who has plans for their life—plans that do not include homelessness. Therefore, we seek to demonstrate the compassion of Christ and build better communities. That is our why.

Every individual deserves to be shown dignity, be reminded they have inherent value, and live a life free from homelessness. We intentionally do this by focusing on three areas:

1. Prevention and Diversion. By making every effort to prevent and divert individuals and families from entering into the system, cycles will begin to be broken. Through this work, hundreds of children will never know what it feels like to sleep in a car or under a bridge. Data shows that when children experience homelessness three or more times before age 18, they are 85% more likely to experience homelessness as an adult. We remain committed to going upstream and directing resources into this crucial area.

2. Shelter Services. As a result of our Immeasurably More Capital Campaign, our main location at 225 Commerce Ave. was completely renovated to provide enhanced dignity and safety for our guests. Gone are the days of having hundreds of guests stay in one large communal sleeping area. We now have smaller, suite-style rooms with private bathrooms where specialized case managers are very intentionally walking alongside guests to provide them with resources and help overcome barriers. These dignified services are foundational to leaving homelessness more quickly and permanently.

3. Jobs and Housing. We are intentionally investing heavily in our workforce development program at Next Step of West Michigan, a division of MTM. We offer programs that teach both technical and soft skills that will allow participants to complete training and immediately secure jobs that pay livable wages. Along with employment opportunities, we are also building the first tiny home community in Grand Rapids, Hope Village, which will help guests on their journey out of homelessness and into homeownership.

These three areas guide our work, but it will take an engaged community to truly move the needle. It is often easy to believe there is so much to do, that our individual help won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I’m here to tell you—it does. No effort is too small, and each of us can do our part.

Every day I see guests with huge smiles on their faces, telling me they are stable and out of this difficult season of their life. Your help can make these new beginnings possible.

One life at a time, one intentional next step at a time, we can do this. Will you join us?

Thank you for demonstrating compassion to our neighbors in need. We cannot do this work without you!

Many blessings,


Executive Leadership Team

Adrienne Goodstal


(616) 588-8792

Dave Gilman

VP of Advancement

(616) 588-8754

Gordon Oosting

Interim CEO/Chief Financial Officer

(616) 454-8249

Our Team


Dan Kotman

Director of Marketing

(616) 588-8744

Data and Finance

Amanda Afman

Financial Controller

(616) 588-8721

Data and Finance

Joe Botting

Director of Grants

(616) 588-8757

Data and Finance

Matt Stone

Senior Director of Technology

(616) 588-8725


Jeff Dashner

Senior VP of Operations

(616) 588-8786


Charisa Becker

Director of Intake Services

(616) 588-8787


Scott Jewell

Senior Director of Properties & Facilities

(616) 588-8789

People Operations

Trenton Herald

Director of Ministry & Training

(616) 588-8724

People Operations

Marcy McMahon

VP of People Operations

(616) 588-8706

Shelter Services

Tyler Kregel

Director of Outreach

(616) 914-3569

Shelter Services

Lori Lynn

Senior Director of Clinical Services & Medical Outreach

(616) 588-8760

Shelter Services

Peter Mikaya

Director of Culinary Services

(616) 588-8755

Shelter Services

Shelby Sichta

Director of Guest Services

(616) 588-8733

Transitional Housing and Jobs
Nikia Belcher

VP of Workforce Development

(616) 588-8766

Transitional Housing and Jobs

David Bult 

Executive Director, Next Step of West Michigan

(616) 208-1070

Transitional Housing and Jobs

David Giang

Director of Workforce Development

(616) 588-8727

Transitional Housing and Jobs

Allie Whitman

Director of Housing

(616) 588-8731

Transforming Lives

Rick signed the paperwork, was given a tour, and got handed the keys to his new place. “He is officially out of homelessness.’’


Rick* landed at MTM because he couldn’t find work in Kalamazoo despite visiting many temp agencies and being in and out of the hospital for cancer treatments. Mel Trotter staff walked with him each step of the way by scheduling and rescheduling his doctor appointments and helping him obtain all the necessary documents and income he’d need to get into permanent housing.

*name and photos changed to protect the privacy of our guests.

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