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Read our blog for articles about homelessness in Grand Rapids, MI, press releases, and newsletters about Mel Trotter Ministries.

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No matter your age, gender, status or ability, you are needed.

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We help anyone experiencing hunger and homelessness.

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Help bring hope to those experiencing homelessness in Grand Rapids, MI.


Join MTM’s team of volunteers and help our most vulnerable neighbors by showing love and compassion

Get Help

If you are on the verge of homelessness or need immediate help, contact MTM for resources, housing, food and more.

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Make a monthly donation.

Join other monthly donors on a mission to prevent homelessness in West Michigan.

The Community is a passionate group of over 1,000 givers committed to giving month after month, bringing hope to our neighbors experiencing homelessness – and each month, they’re transforming more and more lives.

Donate monthly to Mel Trotter via the form or call (616) 454-8249

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