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A podcast designed to share stories of life transformation—the kind that happens when demonstrated compassion meets unconditional love. It’s about uncovering and sharing the way God is working and moving through each of us—through Everyday Humanity. Our podcast can be found wherever you get your podcasts.

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  • Episode 1: What Drives Us

    Meet the three co-hosts of Everyday Humanity: Regina Dix, Beth Fisher and Dennis Van Kampen as they share what brought them to work at Mel Trotter Ministries and learn more about each other. These folks are passionate about family, caring for others and motorcycles? We pray you’ll be encouraged and see others in the way God created them to be, looking beyond behaviors and appearances.

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  • Episode 2: How God Called Delwin

    This week Regina, Beth and Dennis interview Delwin Eiland, worship pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church. Hear Delwin’s story of growing up in the southside of Chicago and a choir experience that changed the trajectory of his life. He’ll share how God called him into worship music as a teenager and to Mars Hill in 2018. We continue the conversation next Wednesday!

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  • Episode 3: Is Delwin Lucky?

    This week Regina, Beth and Dennis continue their conversation with Delwin Eiland, worship pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church. Hear about Delwin’s family growing up and his personal experience being an African American man. Enjoy listening to two acoustic performances throughout the episode!

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  • Episode 4: Lauren Discusses Youth Homelessness & Stress

    Regina interviews Lauren VanKeulen, CEO at AYA Youth Collective, who has been working with youth for 15 years. Lauren shares how youth homelessness is different than the traditional stereotype, how her team copes with stress, and the story of when she and her husband dropped everything to meet a need in the Grand Rapids community.

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  • Bonus: Battling Hunger Together

    Bonus Episode! Beth interviews the President & CEO at Feeding America West Michigan, Ken Estelle, about food insecurity in our community and how we are joining together for Turkey Drop this year. You can drop off frozen turkeys at Celebration Cinema North or South on November 17, 2021 and then Feeding America will distribute them across West Michigan.

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  • Episode 5: Meeting People Where They Are

    Regina and Dennis interview Syd Harvey, Chief Operations Officer at Mel Trotter Ministries. For much of his career, Syd has worked in the social sector specifically surrounding diversity, equity& inclusion, which remains a large part of his role at MTM. Fun fact: he enjoys using metaphors involving salads, music, and pie. In this episode, Syd discusses what it means for him to be an agent of healing and change. Don’t miss the end when Syd and Regina share powerful and emotional stories of young men they’ve worked with recently.

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  • Episode 6: Women in Leadership

    Regina, Beth and Dennis interview Tonja Moyer, Vice Chair of Mel Trotter Ministries’ Board of Directors and Director of Performance Improvement at Metro Health–University of Michigan Health West. They chat about following Jesus, finding a space for women in leadership and leading from a place of humility.

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  • Episode 7: Ministry Is A Lifestyle

    Regina, Beth and Dennis interview Seth McLaughlin, Director of Development at Mel Trotter Ministries. Seth grew up in Kentwood, Michigan, went to Calvin University, and entered into missions with his wife and family when they moved to Honduras. In this episode, they talk about how ministry is a lifestyle and how to empower the people God has put in our lives to serve.

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