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In 2022, Mel Trotter Ministries (MTM) completed its Immeasurably More 2019 Campaign, raising more than $17 million for the renovation of its 225 Commerce Ave SW emergency shelter building, the revision of a job readiness plan into a comprehensive workforce development program, and the new development of five single, transitional homes.

Today, we are pleased to share with you an overview of the Mel Trotter Ministries next undertaking, the Immeasurably More Campaign 2023 to raise $12 Million.

On behalf of your guests, staff and board we thank you for coming along side us on this Immeasurably More Campaign journey.

Tim Swiney, Chief Campaign Officer, Mel Trotter Ministries

Community Center<br />

Community Center

Hope Village

A primary solution to end homelessness for an individual or family is affordable housing. In response to the shortage of affordable housing in Grand Rapids, Mel Trotter is developing the city’s first tiny home community. With the composition of 17 homes varying in size 240-480sf, these tiny homes are designed for individuals:

  • Experiencing homelessness,
  • Completed a MTM or Next Step of West Michigan work force development program, and
  • Secured sustainable employment that is at or below 65% AMI ($40,000 per year).

Residents will experience affordable rent, paying no more than 30% of their monthly gross pay, along with a pathway to ownership of the home.

MTM is also looking to the future with the ability to replicate the tiny home community model throughout West Michigan.

Community Center

Neighborhood Resource Center: First Floor

MTM and Next Step are planning the renovation of its long-vacant building across the street from the Next Step manufacturing building. The first floor will be comprised of:

  • The collaborative MTM and Next Step workforce development program classroom and experiential space,
  • Community amenities supported through listening sessions with the community: laundromat and community meeting/gathering space.

Permanent Affordable Housing: Second Floor

The second-floor renovation of the 101 Garden St. building will include 10 work force development apartments for individuals having completed a MTM or Next Step workforce development program and newly entered or reentered the workforce with income at or below 65% AMI ($40,000 per year). The affordability comes from rents that are no more that 30% of gross income. 

MTM Family Center

One of the largest and fastest growing segment in our community experiencing homelessness is families. Eight years ago, MTM launched a family emergency shelter partnership with Family Promise, Pathway Home. Lauded as innovative, collaborative, and fiscally responsible, Pathway Home will expand its impact with the addition of 3-5 family triage units, for short-term emergency intervention, bringing the total of families served at MTM to 32-34. In addition, MTM will update the HVAC, plumbing and roof in its Family Center.

2019 Campaign Repayment

The initial fundraising goal of the Immeasurably More 2019 Campaign was $14.7 million. MTM raised $17.2 million. However, that added financial support did not sufficiently address additional costs due to supply chain and inflation resulting in construction overruns, leaving MTM with $500,000 remaining in debt. MTM will look to the 2023 Campaign for repayment.

Capital Campaign Revenue<br />
Capital Campaign Budget

Mel Trotter Ministries is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. As such, all donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. 

Mel Trotter Ministries Tax ID # is 38-1410 467.

Let Us Help!

If you have any questions about Immeasurably More or future campaigns reach out to contact:

Tim Swiney

Chief Campaign Officer


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