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Workforce Development

Through Next Step of West Michigan, a division of MTM, workforce development programs are offered to individuals seeking to learn technical skills as well as the soft skills needed to get a job and keep it.

Workforce Development Services

MTM is moving from a job readiness program to a comprehensive holistic model, setting a new standard for workforce development. Many guests have barriers that are debilitating when it comes to employment. MTM is committed to demonstrating compassion by walking alongside these brothers and sisters in helping them discern the best next step for their future.

Guests can participate in Workforce Development to gain job skills in order to move forward. These guests have the goal to secure a livable wage job, primarily at local employers with whom MTM and Next Step of West Michigan are in partnership. These guests receive a variety of resources and support. They are provided with faith-based ministry, financial management, trauma informed care, case management and have access to meals and on-site medical services.

A faith based, social enterprise non-profit that provides job skills training and employment to community members that have been systematically pushed towards the edges of our society—yet are determined to build a better future.

Get Help Now

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No matter what your situation, we are here for you.

If you are looking to enter Mel Trotter Ministries or Heartside Ministry for the first time, please call (616) 454-8249 and select press 1 for help.

Transforming Lives

“I thank you all for everything,” he says of the food, shelter and support he’s received from Mel Trotter and its family of donors. He adds that "he will continue to be patient, stay positive and put God first and make the most of the opportunity he’s received.“


Damien* arrived in Grand Rapids by bus from Memphis, Tennessee, with no one and no place to welcome him. At the station, a local experiencing homelessness told Damien about Mel Trotter Ministries. Damien needed a nourishing meal and a safe night of rest and received these essentials and much more as he began to share his story with Mel Trotter staff.

*name and photos changed to protect the privacy of our guests.

Looking for More Resources?

We believe that there is not one way to end up homeless and therefore not one way to end it.

We want to walk alongside you to identify your barriers and help you into a track that best fits your needs to be successful, long term. If you are looking to enter Mel Trotter Ministries or Heartside Ministry for the first time, contact our Triage Specialists for assistance.

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