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June 16, 2022

Mel Trotter Ministries president and CEO receives National Award

Earlier this summer at the national Citygate Network conference, Mel Trotter Ministries’ CEO, Dennis Van Kampen received the Nehemiah Award. This is an award that recognizes the hard work MTM does day in and day out, which could not happen without your support.

Dennis was not aware he would be receiving the award until the moment it was announced. When they called his name, he told the crowd it is only because of God, the staff, and supporters of MTM that any of this is work possible.

Here is the inscription on the award: For having a vision to restore a city and its inhabitants; for challenging the status quo and popular opinions; for engaging community leaders and others with strong voices; for withstanding opposition from every side and pressing on; for providing care and protection for the most marginalized in the city; for relying on God’s strength and being a person of constant prayer.

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