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Many guests at MTM have experienced traumatic events in their lives like homelessness, addiction, domestic violence, severe illness, job loss, financial instability, relational issues, grief, and loss just to name a few. At MTM, we are committed to building a culture that is person-centered and trauma-informed in its practices and has a team of staff that is committed to serving with compassion while feeling supported.

So, what is trauma-informed care? It is an approach that focuses on the whole person. It considers how past experiences impact the ability of individuals to be well, communicate with others, build meaningful relationships, and live the life they want.

It is crucial to be mindful of individuals going through difficult seasons. By offering our support, being empathetic, and addressing their needs when suitable and feasible, we can provide valuable assistance during their struggle.

How does MTM prioritize trauma-informed care?

  1. Offering compassionate care that prioritizes respect, dignity, and empathy for each individual’s unique situation.
  2. Providing safe, effective, and collaborative relationships to ensure a supportive environment for those seeking care.
  3. Striving to protect the rights of our guests and minimize harm to promote safety.
  4. Training our staff on trauma, mental health first aid, crisis prevention, risk assessment, compassion fatigue, and more.
  5. Having a trauma-informed specialist on staff to ensure that all care provided is trauma-informed and meets the unique needs of each individual seeking treatment.

At MTM, daily use of trauma-informed care can take many forms, including assisting individuals struggling with tasks such as looking up directions, setting up or navigating their phone, or learning to tie a tie or iron a shirt for an interview. Building relationships and taking the time to get to know each person, actively listening, offering validation and encouragement, and providing guidance to their assigned bed are all done with respect for the individual and without any judgment or shame. These actions are just a few examples of how MTM’s commitment to trauma-informed care helps to create a supportive and empowering environment for everyone.

Trauma-informed care is a critical aspect of the services we offer at MTM. By prioritizing this approach, we can better understand and address the impact of past experiences on an individual and demonstrate the compassion of Christ.

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