Restoration Programs

We believe that there is not one way to end up homeless and therefore not one way to end it. We want to walk alongside you to identify your barriers and help you into a program that best fits your needs to be successful, long term.

Job Readiness

The Job Readiness Program includes a curriculum that works on soft job skills, experience, mentoring, discipleship, and teaching in a structured and grace-filled community. Program guests work with an advocate to develop short and long-term career goals while working on education or securing a job.

Housing Readiness

Some people who are experiencing homelessness already have jobs or an income, but lack safe or affordable housing options. The Housing Readiness Program helps these individuals who are working or attending school to find adequate housing by saving and budgeting. MTM works closely with local agencies and landlords to help secure a new home for individuals.

Step-Up Recovery

The Step-Up Recovery program is designed for men and women whose primary barrier to permanent housing and employment is substance abuse. This program is a minimum 90-day program with intensive case management and recovery. The goal of this program is to provide the tools needed for success in maintaining sobriety and moving toward finding employment and housing.

Public Inebriate Shelter

Detox Unit


The Pilgrimage Program is for male and female guests experiencing homelessness who are currently receiving Social Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability (SSD). The goal of this program is to provide the tools needed for success in finding housing.


Intensive Case Management is put in place for guests moving into the MTM Housing Program and is designed to assist the guests in building upon the skills necessary to obtain permanent housing, make connections in their neighborhood and community, maintain sobriety if needed, and creates a safety net, so they don't return to homelessness.


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