Restoration Programs

We believe that there is not one way to end up homeless and therefore not one way to end it. We want to walk alongside you to identify your barriers and help you into a program that best fits your needs to be successful, long term.


The MTM Restoration Program is a faith-based program for any adult experiencing homelessness who is ready to choose to live into the life they were made for. Guests participating in the Restoration Program are provided intensive case management intended to set them on a path of living their life to the full as God intended.

Through attending classes and meeting with a case manager regularly, guests in the program discover their identity as someone made in image of God and learn how to forgive themselves and others. During the ‘Foundations’ program phase, a typical day consists of classes like journaling, boundaries, and finance, while having daily chores. Many guests build close relationships with those also in the program and enjoy volunteering at the Mission.

Step-Up Recovery

The Step-Up Recovery Program is a six-month faith-based program designed for adults whose primary barrier to employment and permanent housing is substance abuse. Guests in recovery are ready to begin the work to heal attitudes, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Through Step-Up Recovery, guests begin the discovery of who they are without their substance of choice. Each guest works closely with their assigned case manager identifying barriers and tools needed to successfully overcome their addictions.

Public Inebriate Shelter

Detox Unit


Part of the Restoration Program, the Pilgrimage Program is a faith-based program for any adult experiencing homelessness who is eligible for SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance).

A case manager helps guests identify and obtain resources they need assisting them as they work towards permanent/permanent supportive housing. Once they begin earning an income through SSI/SSDI, they are asked to save 75% of their disposable income and begin looking for a home.

Guests have their own bed in a dorm style room and receive three meals a day on a meal plan.


Intensive Case Management is put in place for guests moving into the MTM Housing Program and is designed to assist the guests in building upon the skills necessary to obtain permanent housing, make connections in their neighborhood and community, maintain sobriety if needed, and creates a safety net, so they don't return to homelessness.


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